Do you really need therapy?

Therapy is useful for many issues and concerns including emotional challenges, significant life changes, normal transitions, personal goals, and achieving fulfillment. Treatment isn't necessarily just for people with struggles, but it can also be used to reach higher levels of self-awareness and deepen relationships to gain more meaningful and lasting connections and intimacy.

When should I leave therapy?

when you are ready - this is always a client-directed decision and is based on how you are feeling and pertains to the level of growth and change for which you are ready.

Why do we need therapists?

Therapists can be like flashlight holders. They can illuminate areas of your life that may need change, growth, and work. They can help clients with blind spots in their life which then lead to deeper self-understanding and awareness. Therapists are also helpful in allowing us to hear our own voices, our own opinions, and our own wishes. A relationship with a therapist allows one to experience and practice a new way of relating and being.

Are you open on nights or weekends?

This depends on your therapist's availability and appointment times

What if I am having an emergency?

Please call 911 in the event of an emergency

How do I choose a therapist?

The relationship you have with your therapist is the best indicator of success. It is best to choose someone you feel comfortable with and who you like, but who also specializes in your area of concern.

What are my different options for treatment?

There are many different therapeutic approaches. We offer outpatient therapy and utilize a number of different models including EMDR to those who want this approach. It is best to ask your individual therapist what model he or she orients from and what this means for treatment.

Will people know I am in therapy?

NO, therapy is confidential

Do you provide services for all ages?


What if I need medication?

Medications must be handled and prescribed by your PCP or psychiatrist

How do I get started?

Call for an initial consultation or first appointment to get started.