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Anxiety and depression are very common in today's world. Many of us feel as though we are overwhelmed with "to do's" , disconnected in our relationships, and completely stressed out by a number of pressing factors. We may never feel good enough, judge ourselves harshly or experience the need to constantly perform and meet other's demands and live up to society's standards. Keeping busy and in control is a way to cope and survive life's unpredictability and expectations, but sometimes it can seem as though we have lost ourselves and our own needs in the process. How did this happen and how do you begin to relax and feel better?

I specialize in helping those who have experienced childhood emotional stress, or childhood emotional neglect (CEN),  and are struggling with resulting depression, anxiety, and relationship difficulties. I use systemic psychotherapy to examine those experiences and relationships to unlock discoveries about how our relational past plays out in the present and how we can develop new ways of living.

If you are struggling with anxiety, depression or disconnection you are not alone. It can also feel daunting to take the first step to healing. Know that feeling better is possible. Call me for a free consultation and to learn more abut how I can support you in changing your life.

About Stephanie Brown, LMFT

Stephanie Brown, LMFT is a licensed marriage and family therapist practicing in Chester Springs, Pa. Stephanie graduated from Northcentral University with a masters degree in marriage and family therapy. Her extensive background includes intense work with family systems and  at risk children/adolescents struggling with depression, behavior problems, developmental disorders, anxiety, self harm, suicidal ideation, family addictions and family conflict. Stephanie has also worked closely with clients experiencing relational struggles and has helped individuals, families and couples attain healthier and more satisfying connections in their lives. As a result, Stephanie has come to intimately understand the effects of trauma, namely childhood emotional neglect (CEN), which often shows up in later life  as high anxiety and/ or depression. 

Stephanie's approach is holistic and systemic, meaning that challenges are regarded from a wide perspective that takes multiple factors into account for treatment, including family dynamics, trauma histories, past relational patterns, and individuals challenges.