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Therapy Services for Individuals, Families, and Adolescents


As a family therapist, I focus on relational stress and its impact and influence in one's life. I specialize in helping individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, anger,  or relationship distress to reorganize their lives to promote healing, grounding, access to better feelings and improved overall functioning. I specialize in supporting individuals who have experienced  childhood emotional neglect (CEN) to examine how past patterns have impacted the present, and to utilize this awareness to change their lives. You may have experienced CEN if you:

  • Struggle with feelings of emptiness or numbness
  •  are fearful or uncomfortable with true intimacy
  • experience high levels of self criticism or struggle with perfectionism
  • feel "different" and unable to connect deeply with others
  • have difficulty managing emotions (tend to be reactive)
  • have difficulty with self care and tend towards people pleasing
  • grew up in a family with substance abuse
  • grew up in a family with high conflict
  • Struggle with overeating, over spending, or other self soothing actions that may have negative consequences

If any of these  sound like you or an experience you had, CEN may be impacting your life. Call today for a free consultation to explore ways to heal.  Change is possible and feeling better is within reach.